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Recess, Retention and Promotion, School Volunteers and Student Assistance Team


Children need this regularly scheduled recreational activity and are expected to play outside, properly dressed for daily weather conditions. If a child is to remain inside at recess, please send a note to your child’s teacher indicating the reason.

Retention and Promotion

Students are required by New Mexico State law to meet minimum academic standards before being promoted to the next grade. Families and staff at Matheson Park will work with the school’s Student Assistance Team (SAT) and develop an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) for any student who is not academically proficient. Students who do not show yearly progress with the plan in place, may be recommended for retention. Discussion of possible need for retention should be made at the Fall parent/teacher conference. If retention is recommended, parents may ask for promotion to the next grade level only if they have not been recommended for retention the previous year. Students enrolled in Special Education will be considered for retention in accordance with the provisions of the student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).


School Volunteers

Volunteers participate in many activities at Matheson Park. Please remember that volunteers who are supervising any student at any time
must have an APS background check
on file at the school. Please drop by the Main Office to pick up an application and directions for completing the application. Some ways we have used volunteer help in the past are: working in the library, special tutoring, reading with students, community presentations, music programs, curriculum related activities, and PTA fund raisers. Students from Middle Schools, High Schools or Colleges also volunteer at Matheson Park under the supervision of staff members. Please contact the Main Office or the PTA if you are interested in volunteering. Please remember to pick up a visitors badge at the Main Office to be worn while volunteering at Matheson Park.

Student Assistance Team

The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a resource for teachers and parents who identify students who are having difficulty in achieving academic success at Matheson Park. The SAT is composed of teachers and other staff as well as the student’s parent or guardian. Parents will be asked to meet with the SAT to review parents or teachers concerns and identify interventions or ways of providing additional support for the student’s academic success. By working together, setting a timetable and collecting data the SAT will assist in meeting the needs of each student. This process can be lengthy but is structured to provide maximum support for the success of students.