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Elise McAdams

Class Mission Statement

Ms. Austin’s Class

Mission Statement


We the student’s in Ms. Austin’s class, want our classroom to be clean, pretty, happy, safe, fun, quiet and hardworking.  We want to learn, play and be successful together.  We will do these things by not wasting our time talking, by working together, by picking up our trash, by being helpful and working together.  We will work quietly and focus on our work to have the best year possible.  We will do these things because we need to learn.

Homework Policy

Homework will be sent home weekly.  There will be a list of things to do for the week and every day there will be list of things your child is expected to do for this day.  The homework will be due back to school every Friday.  We will also be taking a spelling test on Fridays so please make sure to study those words at home.  Please help your child complete the homework and reading log as this will help them to be successful in class.  (All homework is a review of what is being covered in class during the week.)


Classroom Management System

As part of my classroom management system I use a variety of reward and consequence systems.  I use class and individual incentives.

  • For class incentives I use a Potato Head family.  When the whole class is on task and focused they can earn a piece.  They can also earn pieces as a class by getting compliments from other teachers or if they were on their best behavior in the special for the day.  When the Potato Head family has all of its pieces then the class earns a party to celebrate their great behavior and teamwork.
  • For group incentives I use a points system called Class Dojo.  Every table group can earn points for working quietly, being on task, having their area clean and for sitting quietly ready to go wherever we are going.  The table group can also lose points if they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.  This is based on the idea of teaching teamwork.  The table with the most points at the end of the week will get to pick a prize.
  • For individual behavior I use the stoplight system.  The stoplight system consists of Green, Yellow and Red levels.  The goal is to stay on green all day.  This means that your child is showing their best behavior in and out of our classroom and following all of the rules.

Yellow is a first warning level.  If your child has to move to yellow this means that they were making the wrong choice and not following our classroom rules.  If they have to move to yellow then they have to sit on the timeout bench at afternoon recess for 5 minutes. 

Red is the final level.  A child can move to red for continued misbehavior.  This means that they continued to break the classroom rules.  They can also move directly to red from green if they are being unsafe or hurting others inside or outside of the classroom.  If they have to move to red they must sit on the timeout bench for the entire recess. 

A behavior log will be sent home weekly telling you what color your child was on.  If they were on yellow or red there will be an explanation of what they did to be moved to that color on the day they have to move their clip. 

If your child stays on green all week they get to pick a prize from the prize bucket.

My classroom management system is meant to teach class cooperation, teamwork and individual responsibility as well as consequences for inappropriate behavior.  Notes will be sent home daily to tell how your child did for the day.

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